The DONASWAP token generates frictionless yield by applying a 10% fee for each transaction. 5% of each transaction made is automagically redistributed to holders, and the other 5% is automagically provided to the DONA/BNB liquidity pool.

DONASWAP, which stands for “donation swap,” aims to be the first and largest “Decentralized Donation Ecosystem” (DEDECO) in the world. Their quest is to operate effectively as the funding seed for charitable organizations. The DONASWAP Token on the BSC will be used to stake, farm and swap.

The DONASWAP DEX will be available on the “Firechain” and will serve as the primary DEX on the network.


10% tax on every transaction

  • 5% Pancakeswap LP
  • 5% Redistributed to Holders
Total Supply100Q
Max Supply55Q
Circulating Supply40.22Q


482 / 1,125 minted
The Punk Knights are a collection of 1,125 NKFs with handwritten metadata on the Binance Smart Chain. Each Knight is unique and comes with different traits and attributes varying in rarity.

Visit: www.punkknights.com or press the button to get directed to the official minting Dapp


Only 50,000,000 $FLAME are allocated for the public sacrifice (IDO). The rate starts at $0.01 per token. Visit www.thefireswap.com for more information.
Total Supply250,000,000
Max Supply50,000,000
Circulating Supply


In August 2014, Ethereum launched its native token, ether, through an initial coin offering (ICO). Some 50 million ETHs were sold at a price of $0.31 per coin, raising over $16 million for the project.

Binance Coin started with an initial coin offering (ICO) where it could be purchased using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Its earliest recorded cash price on CoinMarketCap comes on July 25, 2017, when it was available for as little as $0.10. If you had bought $1,000 worth, you would have gotten 10,000 BNB.

In 2023 Firechain started it’s sacrifice phase (ICO) and 50% is made available to the initial public offering starting at $0.1 per coin.

Total Supply42,000,000
Max Supply42,000,000
Circulating Supply42,000,000



The Fire-themed Ecosystem is being developed by community volunteers. The project started “from zero, with zero” as a experiment in spontanious decentralized community building. 

Our founders, devs, knights  and mods don’t get paid for their daily inputs, the project is community driven and they help because they believe in the future plans of our Ecosystem.

The Fire-Themed Ecosystem is aiming to become the largest decentralized donation ecosystem in the crypto sphere. 

Our funds will come from fees generated on the DeDapps (Decentralized Donation Applications.) 

Join us on a mission of honor and help us build the ecosystem in anyway possible.



The Donaswap Protocol is dedicated in loving memory to two of the most amazing people in the world. 

† Recheanio Giovanni Gino: 11-11-05
† Rinia Mercelina Ina: 16-01-21