You can buy Donaswap tokens on Pancakeswap and Coinsbit. The team is working on more centralized exchange listings. Be prepared, not surprised.
The first video is a YouTube tutorial on how to buy tokens on Pancakeswap for Metamask users. Clik here to watch the video The second video is a YouTube tutorial on how to buy tokens on Pancakeswap for Trust Wallet users. Clik here to watch the video
Yes, the project is fully audited & KYC verified by {P()ly Bl[]ck Audits} & Techrate before and after deployment. Click here to read Techrate Report Click here to read {P()ly Bl[]ck Audits} Report
Yes, our LP is locked at DxSale till Nov 11th 2022. Click here to view the locked LP

We advice to put the slippage around 10% – 12% when buying or selling. We advice you to watch some YouTube videos as they might help with any questions you still have.

Please have a look at our road map for any questions you might have about CEX listings.

We are aiming to go live with The Firechain Testnet in phase 3 of the questmap. The sacrifice (ICO) for the Firechain Network is launching soon. For more information visit www.thefirechain.com

We are aiming to go live with The Firechain Mainnet at the end of phase 4 of our roadmap

The DONASWAP DEX will launch on the testnet/ mainnet of Firechain and will be the primary swap on the blockchain.

Creating an Exchange is even a bigger step then launching a swap & Blockchain. Our ultimate goal is to create continuity and function as funding seed for charitable organizations. Launching our exchange would definitely contribute to this goal as transactions fees can be used to donate.

We are aiming to launch our NFT game at the end of  phase 4. More information will be available very soon.

Charities are supported with the amount available at that time. For example, if there is a $100 it will be devided by the chosen charities, and if there is $100,000 that will be divided by the chosen charities. 

Formula; available amount/ chosen charities

Donations and transactions will be posted online after. Our donation page will display every donation made from day one. 

Click here to get instant LAMBO!

The Donaswap Protocol is dedicated in loving memory to two of the most amazing people in the world. 

† Recheanio Giovanni Gino: 11-11-05
† Rinia Mercelina Ina: 16-01-21